Who Can I Contact if I Encounter Problems with Dad’s Nursing Home Care?

Most people try to learn as much as possible about a nursing home before their parent moves in. However, despite the careful consideration that goes into choosing the right nursing home, occasionally our clients experience problems with their parent’s nursing home care and quality of life. One way to help resolve these problems is to contact your city’s ombudsman. Ombudsmen work with nursing home residents and staff to resolve complaints and to help residents obtain better individualized care. Ombudsmen also communicate with prospective nursing home residents to give them information about nursing homes, including a particular nursing home’s complaint record. It is important to know who your ombudsman is so that you know who to contact in the event that your parent experiences problems with his nursing home care. If your parent lives in a nursing home in Virginia, you can visit http://www.elderrightsva.org/va-ombudsman.aspx#15 to find the ombudsman for your area.

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