Virginia Beach Police Department Offers Support to the Elderly with Operation Lookout Expanded

This program is managed and sponsored by the Virginia Beach Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit, Home Depot of Virginia Beach, the Virginal Department of Criminal Justice Services, Sentara Home Care Services, and the Virginia Beach Sherriff’s Office.

Operation Lookout Expanded is a grant that provides assistance for the installation and purchase of large view peepholes. Unfortunately, senior citizens are often targets for crime because of their perceived vulnerability. Making it easier for the elderly in Virginia BThinkstockPhotos-79166712each to see who may be at their door could cut down on fraud and other crimes and enhance safety throughout the city overall.
Anyone who is age 50 or older who lives in the city of Virginia Beach is eligible to participate in the program and there is no cost to sign up. A home security assessment needs to be completed by a Virginia Beach police officer. A large view peephole will be installed in the front door of the residence and 3″ screws will be added to the strike plates of the rear and front exterior doors. the purpose of Operation Lookout Expanded is to make Virginia Beach elderly residents feel safer in their homes.
To learn more about whether or not you are eligible for the program or to schedule a Virginia Beach police officer to come to your home to conduct a security assessment, contact the Virginia Beach Sherriff’s Office or the Virginia Beach Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit.
Stay tuned to this blog for more information about estate planning and other key issues affecting senior citizens.

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